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This is the official wikipedia for the international best-selling Naruto Love Stories online, located at Wattpad. The first installation of the series, The Next Uchiha, has gained over 60,000 reads and hundred views approved by critics. In this story, where in every Konoha Couples you have ever known, (SasuSakuNaru & InoShikaTema love triangle, followed by NaruHina, NejiTen, GaaraxOc, KibaxOc, HanaKashi) will be involved in an ideal romance with interesting plots and enticing turn of events.

You can locate the Story here: The Next Uchiha - SasuSaku/Naruto Love Stories

Sypnosis Edit

Sakura is currently working under Tobi Uchiha as his spy, Kabuto as his assistant medic and Sasuke well--however, his hunger for revenge won't change a thing. Destorying Konoha is the first thing that comes into his head, but knowing his clan was extinct, there's been a slight change of plans. Worse? Kabuto is
The Book's Latest Cover Photo.

The Book's Latest Cover Photo.

resurrecting the Akatsuki. Tobi is waiting for the perfect time to declare war. The clans are arranging a fixed-marriage. Sasuke is in town and duty calls for Sakura to stop him and to think that she wouldn't fall for his trap anymore.